Monday, June 15, 2009

“Appointment on Mars”, a 1952 television tale of tomorrow starring Leslie Nielsen

If you have the bandwidth, or the patience, you can watch “Appointment on Mars” (1952, 29:37 min.), starring a young Leslie Nielsen, on the video website Hulu. An episode from the first season of ABC’s 1950s television series Tales of Tomorrow, “Appointment on Mars” aired on June 27, 1952. The plot involves three astronauts who land on Mars, hoping to profit from finding valuable minerals for a mining company. After discovering a rich deposit of uranium ore, one of the astronauts becomes increasingly paranoid that they are being watched. Soon, all three astronauts are dead.

According to the Locus Index to Science Fiction, “Appointment on Mars” was based on “What Price Venus?”, a novella by Salvatore A. Lombino that was first published in the August-September 1953 issue of Fantastic Universe magazine.

Thanks to Steve Davidson of The Classic Science Fiction Channel for the Hulu tip!


Dave Tackett said...

Love that one. Possibly the best of the series.

Paul said...

I don't have the bandwidth, so I watched only about the first seven minutes.

Doc Mars said...

Don't bother with your bandwith, Paul.
It's on, 233Mo to download here:

Doc Mars said...

Another martian episode in Tales of Tomorrow: The Crystal Egg (from H.G. Wells short story)

Paul said...

Doc: Yeah, but it's faster for me to stream from Hulu than to download from the Internet Archive.

Thanks for the tip on The Crystal Egg.