Friday, May 29, 2009

Giveaway: A copy of Liz Williams’ acclaimed 2008 novel Winterstrike

The book blog Unbound! is giving away a copy of Winterstrike (UK, 2008), a recent novel written by British SF&F author Liz Williams. Featuring the city
of Winterstrike on a colonized Mars, the novel made Amazon UK’s list of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2008. Winterstrike has not yet been released in the United States, but the giveaway is open to fans of any country. The deadline for the giveaway is early morning, June 1, 2009 (GMT?). Sorry for such short notice, I got caught up in the aftermath of the Manchester United game.

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Hagelrat said...

yup, you have till I log on at work on Monday, but I do not fear international postage. ;)
Thanks for the pimpage and it is a very good book.