Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1930s Sci-Fi: “How We Went to Mars”, a short story by Arthur C. Clarke

“How We Went to Mars”, a short science fiction story by the visionary writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke originally published in the March 1938 issue of Amateur Science Stories magazine, can be read for free online. According to Tinkoo of the blog Variety SF, the story is a “Light hearted adventure of a group of young boys' accident -- their fun rocket took them to Mars! They meet English speaking natives! Spend a while, are refueled by aliens, & return home happy & safe.” Here are the first few lines of the story:

It is with considerable trepidation that I now take up my pen to describe the incredible adventures that befell the members of the Snoring-in-the-Hay Rocket Society in the Winter of 1952. Although we would have preferred posterity to be our judge, the members of the society of which I am proud to be President, Secretary and Treasurer, feel that we cannot leave unanswered the accusations -- nay, calumnies -- made by envious rivals as to our integrity, sobriety and even sanity. ...

Thanks to Blue Tyson of the blog Free SF Reader for the link.

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