Thursday, April 16, 2009

New novel: Martian Divides by Phyllis K. Twombly

Martian Divides (2009), the third science fiction novel in Canadian author Phyllis K. Twombly’s Martian Symbiont series has been self-published through iUniverse. Following Been Blued (2007) and Martian Blues (2008), here’s a detailed description of Martian Divides, taken directly from Amazon:

Martian Divides picks up the Martian Symbiont story two years after the end of Martian Blues. The Martians who returned to Earth hundreds of years ago finally found human women who were compatible with them and their telepathic symbiont. With the additional issue of defending Earth from hostile aliens now resolved, the Martians decide it's safe to return to their one true passion: space travel. Only one group of beings can threaten their plans.

Angry that most other people now carry the alien telepathic life form, the underground insists that what's left of real humanity is in danger. They believe Martian influence on society puts them at a disadvantage, so they set out to prove their humanity still has a voice. When they attack a Martian, the resulting mental shockwave has consequences felt around the world.

The Martian matriarch chooses not to delay the planned return to outer space. However, faced with the prospect of losing her telepathic leadership, humans with the symbiont insist on a successor. To their dismay the underground comes to realize they might not be getting rid of all the aliens. Loyalties and friendships are tested as events unfold along various sides of the Martian divides.

You can read a lengthy excerpt from Martian Divides on Scifialien’s Weblog, a blog maintained by Phyllis K. Twombly, or purchase the novel as a softcover or eBook through iUniverse.

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