Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New book: Paizo reprint of Leigh Brackett’s classic tale The Sword of Rhiannon

Paizo Publishing has released its reprint of The Sword of Rhiannon (2009), a classic tale of planetary romance written by Leigh Brackett that was first published in the June 1949 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories as
"Sea-Kings of Mars". The latest book in Paizo’s Planet Stories series, Brackett's The Sword of Rhiannon has
an introduction by British science fiction author and editor Nicola Griffith. Here’s a description, taken directly from Paizo’s website:

“Matthew Carse was a Martian archaeologist turned looter, selling priceless historical relics for his own gain, until the sword of a fallen god sent him hurtling back in time to a Mars still lush with life. Captured by the cruel and beautiful princess of a degenerate empire, Carse must ally with the rebellious Sea Kings and their strange psychic allies in order to defeat the tyrannical people of the Serpent. Yet even if he can conquer the enemy’s alien super-science, Carse still faces an even greater danger -- the dark god that lurks inside his own skin.”

Earlier reprints of The Sword of Rhiannon were reviewed by Keith Graham's Book Blog, noted SF&F critic Rich Horton, and SpecFic writer Brandon Bell. SF megafan Blue Tyson gives this tale 4.5 out
of 5 stars. I concur, for this is one of my favorite Martian SF works!

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