Saturday, April 25, 2009

Author Kim Stanley Robinson discusses the green in his Mars novels with Ozarks Public Radio

SF author and environmental advocate Kim Stanley Robinson discusses the role of the environment in
his three Mars novels, Red Mars (1992), Green Mars (1993), Blue Mars (1996), in an audio interview
with Jennifer Moore of KSMU, Ozarks Public Radio, Missouri State University. The interview is only six minutes, but it’s worth listening to.

Here’s a description of the interview, taken from KSMU's website:

Kim Stanley Robinson is the author of the Mars Trilogy, three science-fiction novels about the settlement of Mars. Robinson's passion for the environment and sociological issues like overpopulation are common themes in his books. KSMU's Jennifer Moore spoke with Robinson, who is in Springfield for MSU's annual Public Affairs Conference.

Robinson says he got interested in science-fiction writing as an undergraduate in college. In the 1970s, when scientists learned an abundance about Mars, he became particularly interested in the "Red Planet."

He looked at the geographical layout of Mars, and thought it was the best place imaginable for a backpacker. So, he created in his novels a civilization there.

He committed to a long story -- thus the trilogy -- beginning the work in the 1980s, and finishing it off in the 1990s.

Robinson says in setting up a fictional civilization on Mars, he reflected on history, and on various civilizations throughout humanity.

He says his novels contain characters who are trying to change the environment of Mars, and others fighting to keep it as it is.

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