Saturday, February 14, 2009

Results of poll: Should Oprah’s Book Club read the classic Burroughs novel A Princess of Mars?

Here are the results of the recent poll I conducted as to whether Oprah’s Book Club should read A Princess of Mars (1912/1917), the classic novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

• 55% of those who answered the question chose the answer "Absolutely, it would be a great opportunity for SF to attract new readers"

• 25% chose the answer "No, that would be sacrilegious and disrespectful to the memory of author Edgar Rice Burroughs"

• 20% chose the answer "Yes, but only if Oprah invites Burroughs fan, SF author, and fellow Chicagoan Mike Resnick on the show"

• 0% chose the answer "Maybe, if Oprah doesn't treat the novel as marketing fodder for the film John Carter of Mars"

Thanks to the 20 people (including me) who participated!

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