Monday, February 23, 2009

Planet Killer,” a new short story by Ges Seger and Kevin Grazier

Fans of hard science will probably enjoy “Planet Killer” (2009), a new short story by Ges Seger and Kevin Grazier that appears in Diamonds in the Sky (2009),
an online anthology of astronomy-based science fiction stories edited by SF writer Mike Brotherton.

Planet Killer” is an astronomical murder mystery set aboard the Martian (i.e., human) starship MSV Procyon as it is dispatched by Martian Space Force on its maiden voyage in the year 2191 to a destination called the Coalsack. With characters that include a captain, XO, chief engineer, and doctor, this is an interesting
hard science story worth reading, even though it is too reminiscent of Star Trek. Not surprising, perhaps, considering that Seger and Grazier once wrote a script for the series Star Trek: Voyager.

According to an editorial note, the characters and situations in
Planet Killer” originally appeared in The Once and Future War (2006), a novel by Ges Seger.

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