Sunday, February 15, 2009

Definitive edition of The Martian Chronicles to include previously unpublished tales

Fans of Ray Bradbury and his The Martian Chronicles (1950) will not be disappointed with the publication of The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition (late 2009) by Subterranean Press and PS Publishing, which recently acquired the rights to co-publish this long-delayed book. Comprised of the classic The Martian Chronicles, previously uncollected and unpublished tales, two screenplays, an essay by Bradbury, an introduction by SF author John Scalzi, and illustrations by Edward Miller, the publication of this book will bring closure to the saga involving the original publisher, Hill House.

For a detailed description of The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition and a complete listing of the Table of Contents, check out the website of Subterranean Press.

More cheers to Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press and Peter Crowther of PS Publishing. This looks like an awesome book!!!

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