Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kage Baker's new novel The Empress of Mars reviewed by Green Man Review

Cat Eldridge of Green Man Review reviews The Empress of Mars (2008), the new full-length novel by Kage Baker. As Eldridge notes, The Empress of Mars
“certainly isn't the first novel that's the result of reworking a shorter work [novella “The Empress of Mars” (2003)], and it works brilliantly in both forms. Now the story in both versions is that of Mary, a woman who owns the only bar on Mars. After being found redundant as the xenobotanist by the British Arean Company, she and a few loyal Mars settlers work very hard to create a bar which in turn becomes a business empire that deals in everything from barley (and beer of course) to really big diamonds.”

The Empress of Mars was published as a limited edition by Subterranean Press in late 2008. A trade edition is scheduled to be published by Tor Books in May 2009.

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