Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Author John Scalzi on forthcoming The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition

There’s an awesome discussion going on over at John Scalzi’s blog Whatever about the forthcoming limited edition of The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition (late 2009). This “massively expanded new edition of the Ray Bradbury magnum opus” from Subterranean Press and PS Publishing contains the original book (with an introduction by John Scalzi), 22 previously uncollected or unpublished Martian stories by Ray Bradbury (with
an introduction by author Joe Hill), two previously unpublished screenplays of The Martian Chronicles (1964, 1997), an essay by
Ray Bradbury, and illustrations by Edward Miller.

The book isn’t cheap ($300 for the signed, limited edition; $900 for the signed, lettered edition housed in a custom traycase), but you can buy the signed, limited edition for $225 (a savings of $75 off the regular price of $300) if you pre-order it from Subterranean Press by February 20, 2009. If you're a serious Bradbury fan, check it out!

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