Friday, January 16, 2009

PKD: Martians come in clouds

No, not the latest science news from NASA that clouds of methane gas may mean life on Mars, but
an old, often-overlooked short story by Philip K. Dick entitled “Martians Come in Clouds,” which was published in the first issue of Fantastic Universe magazine (June-July 1953).

I haven’t read PKD’s story, but according to Aaron Barlow's book How Much Does Chaos Scare You? Politics, Religion, and Philosophy in the Fiction of Philip K. Dick (2005), “Dick illustrates the basic misunderstanding in almost any culture of the alien outsiders. Here, it is Martians who are brutally attacked and destroyed each time they appear on Earth. All they want, it turns out, is permission to live on the seas, where there are no humans.”

Pictured above: The June-July 1953 issue of Fantastic Universe.

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