Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking back: Mars geological features named for four SF authors in 2008

In listing its Top 10 Posts of 2008, the blog File 770, Mike Glyer's fanzine about the news of sf fandom, has “Mars Geological Features Named for Williamson, Zelazny, C.S. Lewis & Fredric Brown,” from April 2008, listed at #7. I was out of town for much of last year, so this is really new news to me. Thanks, Mike!


Ken E. said...

Yeah, but those are all unofficial names of features explored by the rovers. OFFICIAL names are those approved by the IAU for craters > 60 km in diameter. Here is the current list:,%20craters&sort=AName&show=Fname&show=Lat&show=Long&show=Diam&show=Stat&show=Orig
There are of course many Mars-related science fiction authors there, including ERB, Heinlein, Weinbaum ... note also Orson Welles has a crater and it uses his FULL name, not just his last name (cool!). Note, too, that very few craters are named for women: time for a Leigh Brackett crater, I'd say.

Paul said...

Ken, thanks for the clarification. I did a post back in 2007 on craters, Craters in Honor of Authors. You're right, there is nothing for Leigh Brackett. Too bad, considering women authors are writing some of the best Mars SF now. Maybe I'll do a blog post on this!

Unrelated, thanks for the comment on the book Not in Solitude. Nice to know that someone else is reading beyond the Burroughs-Bradbury-Robinson books. Thanks!