Monday, January 19, 2009

An Interview with a Martian coordinator from author Phyllis K. Twombly's universe of blue

Andrea Smart of the e-zine Smart Interface interviews a Martian coordinator at Scifialiens’s Weblog. It’s part of the fascinating collection of supplemental material Canadian author Phyllis K. Twombly has written to accompany her self-published Martian Symbiont series of science fiction novels. Previous interviews included conversations with Kelly Ravell, a Martian matriarch, Jerod Ravell, her husband, and Dr. Coren Ravell, a chief geneticist.

Twombly’s Martian Symbiont series consists of two novels to date: Been Blued (2007) and Martian Blues (2008). A third novel, which I'm looking forward to reading, is due out in early 2009.

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