Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coming Attractions: The Lost Hieroglyph, a film of Brackett & Burroughs adventure

Thanks to an update from independent filmmaker Steve Weintz of Big Sur, California, you can view
a promotional poster for his forthcoming film,
The Lost Hieroglyph, a retro sci-fi adventure in
the tradition of Brackett and Burroughs.

The Lost Hieroglyph is still in pre-production, but the pilot script
is complete and a five-minute trailer is being prepared. Here's the pitch, which Weintz was gracious enough to share with me last December:

Working Title: The Lost Hieroglyph

Genre: Retro sci-fi adventure

Format: Stop-motion animated miniseries

Premise: An adventurer-writer couple goes to Mars to find a missing brother and a lost book; they foil a plot to destroy the Martians and enslave Earth.

Special: Style is period sci-fi/noir: "2001 as imagined in 1949"; characters are modeled after 1940s-1950s actors; puppets played by contemporary actors are modeled on their likenesses.

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