Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Checklist of Mars works written by Henry Hasse

Thanks to the hard work of author, editor, and publisher Jean Marie Stine, Renaissance E Books, the Estate of Henry Hasse, the Ackerman Agency, Fictionwise, Google Book Search, and the Internet Database of Speculative Fiction, I was able to compile a checklist of works written or co-written by the often-overlooked author Henry Hasse:

• “The Thief of Mars,” short story (Planet Stories, Winter 1941)

• “Mission Unknown!” novella (Super Science Novels, May 1941)

• “Mars Warning,” short story (Super Science Stories, August 1942)

• “City of the Living Flame,” novella (Planet Stories, Fall 1942)

• “The Angular Stone,” novella (Super Science Stories, May 1943)

• “Don't Come to Mars!” short story, co-written by Emil Petaja (Fantastic Adventures, April 1950)

• “Three Lines of Old Martian,” short story (Space Stories, February 1953)

• “Via Paradox,” short story, co-written by Albert dePina (Spaceway, December 1954)

Additions or corrections are welcome. Thanks!

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