Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Building a one-book collection

Apparently, the January 2009 issue of Firsts: The Books Collector’s Magazine has an article about
“Building a One-Book Collection”: “To build a one-book collection, you have to buy more than one book. You have to buy the same book over and over again. And each time you buy it, the copy is different from any of the others you already have.” I’m in the process of building a one-book collection: English-language paperbacks of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles (1950).

Also, several articles in the back issues of Firsts look interesting:

• October 1991
A Burroughs Collection
Collecting Philip José Farmer

• February 1992
British Fiction Since 1950

• October 1992
Collecting H. G. Wells

• October 1993
Eccentric Classics of Science Fiction

• October 1994
Collecting Philip K. Dick

• October 1997
The Best SF of 1996
Collecting Leigh Brackett

• October 1998
The Best SF of 1997

• October 1999
Kim Stanley Robinson on Mars
Best SF of 1998

• October 2000
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: The Best of 1999

• June 2001
Collecting Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury: A Space Legend
A Ray Bradbury Core Collection
A Ray Bradbury Checklist

• October 2001
Beyond the Limits: Time Travel Books
The Best of Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000

• October 2002
Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy: The Best of 2001

• October 2003
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: The Best of 2002

• October 2004
Collecting Jack Williamson: Master of Wonder
Jack Williamson: A Checklist
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: Best of 2003
Ten Years Ago: Philip K. Dick

• October 2005
Collecting Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl: A Checklist of First Editions
Science Fiction Review: 2004

• November 2006
Special Robert A. Heinlein Issue
Introduction & Biography
An Annotated Checklist of the Primary First Editions
The Books: Collecting Robert A. Heinlein

Can hardly wait for an economic stimulus check from the Treasury!

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