Friday, November 7, 2008

William Shatner’s 1996 Novel Man O’ War to be Transported into a Comic Book

In September 2008, Bluewater Productions announced a partnership with Star Trek actor and bestselling author William Shatner. The Washington State-based comic book company has contracted to do four titles with Shatner based on his popular science fiction novels, including Man O’ War (1996).

“The comics will showcase storylines that will be continuations of the established plots featured in the fast-paced, sci-fi action-adventure books as opposed to direct adaptations of the titles.” Shatner said: “Working with Bluewater is a great opportunity to bring these novels to a whole new audience.” All four comic book titles are due out in 2009.

Here’s a blurb about Shatner’s novel Man O’ War, taken from the back cover of the 1997 Ace paperback edition, pictured above:
“Benton Hawkes is a career diplomat, the best in his field. But his maverick ways have angered some very powerful people, and nothing can prepare him for his next assignment: a Martian mining colony on the verge of all-out revolt.”

Additional descriptions and reviews of Shatner's Man O’ War from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews are posted on

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