Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Short Story Online: “The Ambassador” by Mark Lawrence

The blog QuasarDragon has introduced me to “The Ambassador,” a new short story by Mark Lawrence, which you can read online at Afterburn SF. A fast-paced “Us and Them” story infused with science, medicine, and romance, the plot revolves around Aryans on Earth and their long-lost multiracial descendants on Mars. With each considering the other to be non-human and a threat, the two branches struggle to cooperate in the face of a common foe.

For a nonfiction story about an ambassador to Mars, read “NASA Ambassador is a Solar Man,” a recent Minnesota newspaper article about Earle Kyle, a volunteer for NASA Solar System Ambassadors. When Kyle read the old 1952 Collier's magazine articles by Wernher von Braun about sending a man to Mars, he was hooked for life:
"Mars missions will do the same for future generations and the space research may help with such critical problems as global warming and food and water shortages.”

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Terry Finley said...

How did you become interested
in SF on Mars? Just curious.

Terry Finley