Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SFFaudio Challenge Includes Otis Adelbert Kline’s The Outlaws of Mars (1933)

The Third Annual SFFaudio Challenge, which encourages selfless science fiction and fantasy fans to create audiobooks of published works that are in the public domain, includes The Outlaws of Mars (1933), by Otis Adelbert Kline. This is a timely development, as Kline, who is often portrayed as an inferior writer to his contemporary Edgar Rice Burroughs, is enjoying a much-deserved renaissance.

To learn more about the relationship between Otis Adelbert Kline and Edgar Rice Burroughs, listen to this Dateline Jasoom podcast and read “The Dueling Writers of Mars!,” a recent post at Pazio Publishing’s blog.

Pictured above: Cover of the unabridged Paizo reprint of Kline’s The Outlaws of Mars, scheduled to be published in early 2009.

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