Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Octavia Butler and the Film Devil Girl from Mars

SF Signal notes that the blog Divers and Sundry has a post about the abysmal 1954 sci-fi film Devil Girl from Mars and how it inspired the writing career of science fiction author Octavia Butler. Butler’s remarks about the film, which are less than positive but quite memorable, were made at MIT in 1998 as the introduction to a discussion about science fiction and modern culture.

As I noted this past September, the MIT Science Fiction Society’s library does not hold a copy of Devil Girl from Mars. However, there is one cool thing about the library: The Pinkdex, the library’s catalog, is so named because it was originally maintained in the early 1960s by Marilyn "Fuzzy Pink" Wisowaty, who later married Larry Niven.

Pictured above: Octavia Butler standing in a Science Fiction section.

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