Friday, November 21, 2008

New E-Anthology of Dark Speculative Fiction: It Came from Planet Mars

It Came from Planet Mars (October 2008), a new
e-anthology edited by Doyle Eldon Wilmouth, Jr., and published by SpecFicWorld, features four tales of dark speculative fiction:

"Weird Fruits," by Camille Alexa. Here’s the first line: “When the largest volcano on Mars erupted, people of every nation on Earth watched the live satellite feed as plumes of fire and dust and the very stuff of the planet itself roiled into the Martian sky and filled its heavens. ...”

"The Wolves That Haunt the Rock" by Mark Patrick Lynch

"Explorations in a New World" by Eric Turowski

"Tricks of Shadow and Light" by Barry Napier, who is a geek for all things having to do with Mars. Here’s a snippet: “On the screen, the flat and featureless Martian landscape rolled away into the distance like bloodstained canvas. Sitting about fifteen feet away from the rover camera’s position, a shining object protruded from the ground at a peculiar angle. It caught the weak glare of sun, and sparkled in a muted rust-like color. ..."

Biographies of the four authors are available at SpecFicWorld.

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