Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars

Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars (1976), a novelization by Terrance Dicks

At left: Paperback (London: Wyndham Publications, 1976), a Target Book, 125 p., 45 pence. A novelization based on the BBC television serial Pyramids of Mars (1975). The cover art, by Chris Achilleos, portrays the fourth Doctor Who.

Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

"For many thousands of years Sutekh had waited ... trapped in the heart of an Egyptian Pyramid. Now at last the time had come -- the moment of release, when all the force of his pent-up evil and malice would be unleashed upon the world ... The TARDIS lands on the site of UNIT headquarters in the year 1911, and the Doctor and Sarah emerge to fight a terrifying and deadly battle ... against Egyptian Mummies, half-possessed humans -- and the overwhelming evil power of Sutekh!"

Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars was reviewed in 1977 by Keith Miller of Doctor Who Digest, who concluded “Yes, I must admit, I thought this book was very good indeed." More recently, the book was reviewed by fans Christian Petrie and Tim Roll-Pickering. Another fan, who has read all 161 Doctor Who novelizations, places this book in the “Good Efforts -- worth picking up if you see them second-hand” category.

An unabridged audiobook of Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars was produced by BBC Audio and released in August 2008. Sci-Fi Online: the UK's Leading Telefantasy and Cult Website has a review.

Unfortunately, the Pyramids of Mars are not included in the blog io9's "45 Coolest Moments In Doctor Who's History."

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