Tuesday, November 11, 2008

American Flagg! Comic Book Series Reprinted

Leroy Douresseaux of the Comic Book Bin announces in a lengthy review that after being out of print for quite some time, American Flagg!, a 1980s dystopian science fiction comic book series by Howard Chaykin, is finally back in print!

With an introduction by Michael Chabon that “isn’t so much an introduction as it is a piece for a scholarly journal or high brow literary magazine,” American Flagg!: Definitive Collection Volume 1 (2008) reprints the first fourteen issues in the comic book series and the graphic novel American Flagg: Hard Times (1985).

Here’s a summary of American Flagg!, taken from Douresseaux’s review: “The series was set in the year 2031 ... [long after] a series of worldwide crises forced the U.S. government and the heads of major corporations to relocate to Mars. The exiled American government on Mars, its corporate backers, and a group of technicians on a defected Soviet lunar colony formed the Plex: an interplanetary union that governed the United States from its capital on Mars. The Plex created massive, fortified populations centers that basically transformed cities and urban areas into giant shopping malls called Plexmalls. In the Plexmalls the law is enforced not by police departments, but by the Plexus Rangers. The series follows the adventures of Reuben Flagg, a former television star who is drafted into the Rangers."

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