Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seven Mars Novels by E. C. Tubb

Thanks to several sources, including a checklist of science fiction books at the website Critical Mass, we've put together a list of Mars novels written by British sci-fi author E. C. Tubb:

Atom-War on Mars (1952)
“Colonists on Mars declare their independence of Earth.”

I Fight for Mars (1953), writing as Charles Grey
“Martian colonists battle alien robots.”

Enterprise 2115 (1954), writing as Charles Grey
Variant title: The Mechanical Monarch (1958, Ace Double novel)
“The survivor from the first space-ship disaster meets the Martians.”

Journey to Mars (1954)
“A luckless spaceman schemes to get to Mars and sneak aboard a flight to the stars.”

City of No Return (1954)
"Adventures on Mars finding an amazing ancient city.”

Alien Dust (1955)
“Relates the first thirty-five years of the colonization of Mars.”

C.O.D. Mars (1968)
The Scorfu, the Martian equivalent of a Mafia, plot to capture three astronauts returning to Earth from Proxima Centauri.

Note that we have not included "Temple of Death," a novella Tubb wrote in 1954 but that was "lost" until it was published in 1996 by Gryphon Books.

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