Sunday, October 19, 2008

Free Audiobook: J.J. Campanella Reads His Novel, The Standards of Creation

Thanks to a recent audiobook review at SFFaudio, we’re listening to James “J.J.” Campanella read his unpublished novel, The Standards of Creation. The work is “set against a background containing some of the most classic science fiction elements: terraforming on Mars, life in the Martian colony, biological scientific development in the future such as the different versions of the cloned NATO officers, and an alien device that looks like a huge black marble silently making its way toward the sun while scientists struggle to communicate.”

While The Standards of Creation is an epic of more than sixteen hours, we’ve only had an opportunity to listen to the first two chapters. After a slow start in a Chicago taxicab in which we contemplated ditching the fare, the story’s pace has accelerated and taken us to Mars. We intend to listen to chapter three later today.

J.J. Campanella is the creator of Uvula Audio and a frequent audio narrator on StarShipSofa.

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Bob R. said...

So? Did you finish the book? Did you like it?