Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Five Mars Books You Won’t Find at LibraryThing

Last Friday, LibraryThing trumpeted the news that
the online book networking service has more books cataloged (32,287,447) than the Library of Congress. While this is a cool service and we are considering adding our own collection of books to the network, the "long tail" of LibraryThing is not long enough.
Here are five science fiction books about Mars or Martians that
no member of LibraryThing owns:

Zarlah the Martian (1909), by R. Norman Grisewood

Next Stop -- Mars! (1959), by David Edwards

Out of the Void (1967), by Leslie F. Stone

Martian Spring (1986), by Michael Lindsay Williams

Dire Planet (2005), by Joel Jenkins

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harry said...

You might not find them at LibraryThing but you might just find them at Babel Tower Library Bubbling with free scifi & fantasy.