Friday, October 3, 2008

Cable TV's AMC Plans a Mission to Mars Based on the Kim Stanley Robinson Novel

Several news outlets are reporting a story from Hollywood Reporter that cable television network AMC is developing a series project based on the science fiction novel Red Mars (1992), by Kim Stanley Robinson, which chronicles the inhabitants
of the first human colony on the planet. Here's a little piece of the story:

"This fits in with our bigger vision of wanting series that feel like cinematic one-hour movies," said Christina Wayne, senior vp original series and miniseries at AMC. "We're always looking for big genres but to do them in slightly different ways so they feel fresh and new," she added ... Jeremy Elice, vp original programming series, added that the project will be character-driven. "It's not the spectacle of sci-fi that you typically see," he said.

Kim Stanley Robinson was just named a "Hero of the Environment 2008" by Time magazine, as detailed in an awesome post by the blog Biology in Science Fiction.


wolfkahn said...

Definitely looking forward to this one.

Paul said...

Yeah, I hope they don't mangle this! Paul