Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Character on TV is Reading The Martian General’s Daughter by Theodore Judson (2008)

Lou Anders, editor at science fiction imprint Pyr, reported on his blog last week that “For those who watched Stargate: Atlantis' episode "Whispers," about mid-way through the episode, you may have noticed the character of Dusty reading The Martian General's Daughter. The cover wasn't 100 % visible in the frame, but you'll be seeing a full, clear cover shot in a forthcoming episode. Theodore Judson's book is reportedly part of the Atlantis book club!”

Published earlier this year by Pyr, The Martian General’s Daughter, by Theodore Judson, is a novel that tells “the story of Peter Black, the last loyal general in an empire that is rapidly crumbling, as seen through the eyes of his illegitimate daughter.” A summary, sample chapters, and snippets from reviews are available at Pyr’s website.

The Martian General’s Daughter was reviewed by Paul Di Filippo at SCI FI Weekly and Stuart Carter at The SF Site.

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