Thursday, September 18, 2008

Author Robert J. Sawyer Loves eReader, But ...

We were compiling a list of Mars/Martian short fiction by Robert J. Sawyer when we stumbled across “I love eReader, but ...,” a humorous
but timely post on Sawyer’s blog about eReader (which is owned by Fictionwise) and the frustrations of reading science fiction in an eWorld.

Speaking of eReader and Fictionwise, they offer these three Mars pieces by Sawyer, all at very reasonable prices:

• "The Blue Planet" (1999). “Earth's space probes sent to Mars keep disappearing--thanks to living, breathing Martians! A short, comic tale with a twist that made it into David Hartwell's Year's Best SF 5.”

• "Come All Ye Faithful" (2003). “Father Bailey is the one and only priest on Mars, with hardly any congregation to speak of. But his life suddenly gets interesting when the Vatican calls upon him to investigate an apparent miracle on the desolate plains of Cydonia. ..."

• "Identity Theft" (2005). “A hard-boiled detective novella set on Mars. Cassandra and Joshua Wilkins are fossil hunters who have both recently transferred their minds into artificial bodies -- and now Joshua has mysteriously disappeared. Cassandra hires Alex Lomax, the only private detective on the Red Planet, to locate Joshua before sinister forces get to him.” Nebula Award Nominee, Hugo Award Nominee.

Even if the credit crunch causes eCommerce to collapse, we can still read science fiction ye olde way.

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