Monday, August 11, 2008

Space Artist Michael Carroll to Speak at Mars Society Convention

Michael Carroll, an internationally recognized astronomical and science fiction artist, is scheduled to speak at the 11th Annual Mars Society Convention, to be held at the University of Colorado at Boulder, August 14th to 17th, 2008.

Carroll’s artwork has appeared in magazines, on television programs, at museums, and in several books, including the nonfiction Mars 1999 (1987) and Race to Mars (1988). His paintings also cover numerous nonfiction and science fiction books, including Fourth Planet from the Sun: Tales of Mars from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (2005). An image of one of Carroll’s paintings, Russian Rover (1992), is currently on the surface of the Red Planet as part of the Visions of Mars library aboard NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander.

The author of several children’s science books, Carroll also edited Eat My Martian Dust: Finding God Among Aliens, Droids, And Mega Moons with Robert Elmer (2005), a collection of fourteen science fiction short stories with Christian themes.

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