Friday, August 15, 2008

Sharing Cover Art: Lester del Rey, Henry Harrison, and H. Beam Piper

Trolling through's catalog of Kindle eBooks the other day, we found a record for Lester del Rey’s Police Your Planet (1956), a story in which “a disgraced, embittered Earth cop is exiled to a Mars that has been thoroughly corrupted by domed city life.” The cover art that Amazon is using to promote del Rey’s eBook is pictured here.

Much to our surprise, the same cover art, or some variation thereof, is being used by Amazon to promote at least three other science fiction eBooks: Planet of the Damned, by Henry Harrison, and Lone Star Planet and Four-Day Planet, both by H. Beam Piper. Please check the links to see our point.

Can anyone help us identify the artwork? Thanks!

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