Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Review of Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet (2008)

A review of Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet (2008), by R. G. Risch, was posted recently on Blogger News Network. Here’s a description of Risch's book, taken off the back cover:

"In the 22nd century, a nameless evil plots the eventual extermination of all mankind. Hidden within the depths of a shadow government, its acts of growing terror only hint at the monstrous things to come. But one force stands in its way to compete domination ... the Martian Fleet and its will to fight!"

And here’s the reviewer’s conclusion: “Overall, Beyond Mars is an interesting adventure for fans of military adventure in space; the story fits well within that particular genre and the author knows his tech and history, but his narrative writing is still a little rough around the edges.”

Classified as military science fiction and Risch's first novel, you can read a couple of pages from Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet through Amazon’s Online Reader.

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