Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Emsh's "Season's Greetings to Our Readers"

Earlier in the week, the blog QuasarDragon made a humorous post entitled “Holiday cheer,” which shows the cover of the Volume 11, No. 3, January 1956, issue of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine, where artist Ed Emshwiller's "Season's Greetings to Our Readers" depicts an overwhelmed Santa Claus checking his star chart in preparation for the Christmas Eve journey. The illustration has several clever points, including a teapot shaped like a rocket ship and a book titled Mores of Mars.

The contents of the January 1956 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction are listed online. Also, we note that a copy of this issue is selling on AbeBooks for $14. Could be an interesting Christmas present.

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wolfkahn said...


Thanks for the QD mention + link!

$14!!! I only paid $2.50 for my copy from a used bookstore (though that's not my copy I used at QD - My scanner is broke.) Galaxy had quite a few covers like this in the 50s.

Cool site, Mars rocks!