Sunday, November 11, 2007

Destination: Mars by Dave Tyson (2000)

Destination: Mars, by Dave Tyson (2000)

At left: Paperback original (Pittsburgh, PA: SterlingHouse Publisher, 2000), 217 p., $11.95. Foreword by Alan Bean. Here's the blurb from the back cover:

In a mission filled with unimaginable perils, Colonel Corbin Rose discovers that her greatest vulnerability is not the physical dangers she faces, but the decisions that she must make."

One of the interesting features of this book is the acknowledgement of corporate products embedded in the story: “For consenting to the mentioning of their products in this work, thanks goes to VELCRO Group Corporation, Planet Hollywood, the Luxor, Sony Electronics, Swiss Army Brands, the Bayer Corporation, the Coca-Cola company, the manufacturers of Plexiglas, and the Alfa-Romeo Company.”

A freelance writer whose articles appeared in several national newspapers, Tyson wrote a sequel, Mission of the Heart (2001), in which Colonel Rose returns to Mars.

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