Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ace Double Novels: Bibliographies

As a follow-up to the posting of October 4, 2007,
Ace Double novels,” here’s a list of books for those interested in learning more or seeking bibliographies about Ace Double science fiction novels:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Published by Ace Books (1953-1968), by Dick Spelman (1976, 62 p.)

The Science Fiction Collector, by J. Grant Thiessen (1980-1981, 3 vols. of fanzines)

Ace Science-Fiction Double Books, by Roger Robinson (1987, 16 p.)

Double Your Pleasure: the Ace SF Double, by James A. Corrick, with an Introduction by Donald A. Wollheim (1989, 85 p.)

Double Futures: an Annotated Bibliography of the Ace Science Fiction Doubles, by Sheldon Jaffery (1996)

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror in the Ace Letter-Series Editions: a Collector’s Notebook, by Harold R. Peters (1996)

Best of success in finding these publications at your local library! Meanwhile, checkout Michael S. Smith's website, The ACE Doubles (and Singles): Image Library.

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